Enemies – Bosses

Here is a list of all the Bosses encountered throughout The Thousand-Year Door:

NameTattle #
Atomic BooAtomic Boo724040Creepy Steeple
Beldam1219 / 301 / 50Boggly Woods / Palace of Shadow
Blooper981210Rogueport Sewers
Blooper (Left Tentacle)98310Rogueport Sewers
Blooper (Right Tentacle)98310Rogueport Sewers
Bonetail10120082Pit of 100 Trials (100)
Bowser4130 / 703 / 71 / 2Glitzville / Palace of Shadow
Cortez10520 ( X 3 )41Pirate's Grotto
Cortez Hook105421Pirate's Grotto
Cortez Rapier105420Pirate's Grotto
Cortez Sabre105430Pirate's Grotto
Cortez Sword105420Pirate's Grotto
Dark Bones232052Palace of Shadow
Doopliss104404 / 60Creepy Steeple / Palace of Shadow
Fuzzy Horde502010Shhwonk Fortress
Gloomtail1008082Palace of Shadow
Gold Fuzzy511010Shhwonk Fortress
Grodus1205071Palace of Shadow
Grodus X116340Palace of Shadow
Gus422030Rogueport (East)
Hooktail992051Hooktail Castle
Kammy Koopa405050Palace of Shadow
Lord Crump1195 / 301 / 31 / 0Rogueport / Keelhaul Key
Macho Grubba1036040Glitzville
Magnus Von Grapple1173021Great Tree
Magnus Von Grapple 2.01187062X-Naut Fortress
Marilyn12212 / 402 / 70Boggly Woods / Palace of Shadow
Rawk Hawk1024031Glitzville
Red Bones21531Hooktail Castle / Palace of Shadow
Shadow Peach12415070Palace of Shadow
Shadow Queen12415071Palace of Shadow
Shadow Queen (Dead Hands)12483N / APalace of Shadow
Shadow Queen (Left Hand)12457N / APalace of Shadow
Shadow Queen (Right Hand)12457N / APalace of Shadow
Smorg1065051Excess Express
Smorg Miasma106451Excess Express
Smorg Pincher1066101Excess Express
Vivian1231010Boggly Woods