Party Members


Headbonk0* Equivalent to Mario's Jump
Tattle0* Exposes enemy details and HP
Multibonk3* Headbonks until Action Command is missed
Rally Wink4* Gives Mario an extra move this turn


Shell Toss0* Koops fires himself at the first ground enemy
Power Shell3* Koops fires himself at all ground enemies
Shell Shield4* Mario becomes protected by a large shell (8HP if perfect)
Shell Slam6* Koops fires himself at all ground enemies
* Enemy defense is pierced


Body Slam0* Flurrie launches herself at any enemy
Gale Force4* Blows enemies from battle
* No Star Points for enemies blown
Lip Lock3* Flurrie steals enemy HP
Dodgy Fog4* Mario becomes dodgy


Ground Pound0* Yoshi strikes any enemy multiple times
Gulp4* Enemy is sucked up and thrown into enemy behind him
Mini Egg3* Lowers attack of all enemies
Stampede6* Several Yoshis are summoned and damage all enemies


Shade Fist0* Vivian's basic move to front enemy
* May cause Fire damage
Veil1* Hides Mario and Vivian in the shadows for a turn
Fiery Jinx6* Causes Fire damage to all enemies
Infatuate4* May Confuse all enemies


Bomb0* Bobbery's Basic move
* Does Explosion damage to front ground enemy
Bomb Squad3* Launches 3 bombs at enemies
* Bombs explode 1 turn later
Hold Fast4* Returns 1/2 damage to all enemies that attack directly
Bob-ombobast9* Does Explosion damage to all enemies

Ms. Mowz

Love Slap0* Ms. Mowz's basic attack to front enemy
* Move pierces defense
Kiss Thief2* Steal the front enemy's item
Tease3* May cause all enemies to become dizzy
Smooch10* Heals Mario by 10 HP