Shine Sprites

1Rogueport (East)East of Ishnail's place (Requires Yoshi)
2Rogueport (East)On the roof of the Northern-most building (Requires Yoshi)
3Rogueport (East)Inside back room of Bobbery's House
4Rogueport (West)Enter the Eastern-most house and look for suspicious wall (Requires Tube Ability)
5Rogueport (West)Blow a hole East of the Shop (Requires Bobbery)
6Rogueport (Sewers)Western portion of room w/ TTYD (Requires Airplane Ability)
7Rogueport (Sewers)Near Petalburg Blue Pipe (Requires Super Hammer Ability)
8Rogueport (Sewers)Near Twilight Town Pipe (Requires Yoshi)
9Rogueport (Sewers)On Water Platform near Petalburg Pipe (Requires Boat Ability)
10Rogueport (Sewers)Inside room with several Spanias (Requires Boat Ability)
11Rogueport (Sewers)Inside room with several Spanias (Requires Boat Ability)
12Rogueport (Sewers)Inside room with several Spanias (Requires Boat and Spring Jump Abilities)
13Rogueport (Sewers)On column near Dazzle (Requires Spring Jump Ability)
14Hooktail CastleInside room w/ Red Key (Just below it)
15Hooktail CastleInside room where you first meet Ms. Mowz
16Hooktail CastleNear door just before you exit to outside
17Boggly WoodsJust West of Pipe w/ Airplane Panel (Requires Koops)
18The Great TreeInside room w/ Floating bubbles (Lower area)
19The Great TreeInside room w/ large U-shaped upper level (Requires Flurrie and Airplane Ability)
20The Great TreeOn pedestal within room full of several pedestals (Requires Spin Jump Ability)
21The Great TreeInside water-filled room (on stone lily)
22GlitzvilleNear 3 fighter signs (Use Hammer to reveal hidden block just below)
23Glitz PitInside storage room (just outside locked door)
24Twilight TrailHidden behind last tree just before entering Creepy Steeple area
25Creepy SteepleInside hidden storage room (Requires Tube Ability)
26Creepy SteepleInside Well
27Creepy SteepleInside the well, just past the movable wall (Requires vivian)
28Keelhaul KeyOn a brick block in large cliff area (Requires Koops)
29Keelhaul KeyNear tree where Bobbery is first found
30Pirate's GrottoOn first sunken ship encountered, in area with moving ground spikes
31Pirate's GrottoAbove Save block, accessible when hidden block revealed (Requires Koops)
32Pirate's GrottoOn barrel in storeroom
33Pirate's GrottoJust past wall spikes (Requires Koops)
34Pirate's GrottoJust East of wall spikes room, accessible when hidden coin block revealed
35Excess ExpressInside drawer (Room 005)
36Excess ExpressReceive from Bub (after giving the autograph)
37Riverside StationJust in front of the Train
38Riverside StationOn staircase (Requires Spring Jump Ability)
39Poshley HeightsIn first section of Poshley Sanctum (Requires Spring Jump Ability)
40Poshley HeightsIn second section of Poshley Sanctum (Requires Spring Jump Ability)
41Fahr OutpostIn second area heading east, hidden behind first tree
42Fahr OutpostNear Gen. White's house (on ground)