Star Pieces

There are a ton of Star Pieces to be collected over the course of the game (100 to be exact). The following is a list of all the places you can obtain Star Pieces, sorted by location:

1Rogueport (Central)Top of Zess T.'s roof
2Rogueport (Central)Behind boxes along the Eastern side
3Rogueport (Central)Abandoned house (where you catch the Coin Bandit)
4Rogueport (Central)Spinning Panel (Near Gallows)
5Rogueport (Central)Spinning Panel (Near Prof. Frankly's House)
6Rogueport (Central)Spinning Panel (Behind Zess T.'s place)
7Rogueport (East)Behind boxes (Near Darkly)
8Rogueport (East)Behind Barrel (Near Ishnail
9Rogueport (East)Spinning Panel (Inside the abandoned house, most East building)
10Rogueport (East)Behind Chimney (Bobbery's roof)
11Rogueport (West)Behind the Warp Pipe
12Rogueport (West)Behind Garbage Can (Near Westside Shop)
13Rogueport (West)Behind the Brick Wall (Near the Flower Patch)
14Rogueport (West)Spinning Panel (Near Pianta Parlor)
15Rogueport (Transport Area)Behind the Warp Pipe
16Rogueport (Transport Area)Spinning Panel (Near Excess Express Door)
17Rogueport (Harbor)Behind barrels (requires Boat Ability)
18Rogueport (Harbor)Spinning Panel (Bottom of the stairs )
19Rogueport (Sewers)Behind Giant Yellow Block (Area just before TTYD)
20Rogueport (Sewers)Behind Right Staircase (Area w/ Pit of 100 Trial Entrance)
21Rogueport (Sewers)Behind Platform (After Dropping through Grate)
22Rogueport (Sewers)Spinning Panel (Spot where you fought 3 Goombas in Prologue)
23Rogueport (Sewers)Spinning Panel (Near Pedestal in TTYD Room)
24Rogueport (Sewers)Spinning Panel (Near Black Chest)
25Rogueport (Sewers)Spinning Panel (Near Boggly Woods Pipe)
26Rogueport (Sewers)2D Background (Near Door to Twilight Town Pipe)
27Rogueport (Sewers)2D Background (Requires Spring Jump Ability)
28Rogueport (Sewers)Behind Pedestal near Dazzle (Underground City)
29Rogueport (Sewers)Behind Broken Pedestal (Underground City)
30Rogueport (Sewers)Behind Pillar (Underground City)
31Rogueport (Sewers)Spinning Panel (Herb T.'s Building in Underground City)
32Petal MeadowsHammer the Left Tree (Area w/ Main Pipe)
33Petal Meadows2D Background (Near Petalburg Gate)
34Petal MeadowsInside Bush (Area just East of Petalburg)
35PetalburgSpinning Panel (Near Bub-ulber)
36PetalburgSpinning Panel (Near Flower Patch)
37Hooktail CastleOn shelf in area w/ yellow and purple blocks (Ride Yellow Block)
38Hooktail CastleOn shelf in area w/ yellow and purple blocks (Ride Purple Block)
39Hooktail CastleOutside area w/ yellow and purple blocks (Jump Outside)
40Hooktail CastleOn ledge in area w/ Airplane Panel (Requires Paper Mode)
41Hooktail CastleSpinning Panel (Area w/ Kolorado's Dad)
42Boggly WoodsArea w/ Airplane Panel (Just past ! switch)
43Boggly WoodsHammer the Third Tree (Area near Flurrie's House)
44Boggly WoodsLeft of Pipe (Area leading to Flurrie's House)
45Boggly WoodsSpinning Panel (Flurrie's Bedroom)
46The Great TreeInside Bush (Area leading to Pungent's shop)
47The Great TreeBehind Pipe (Area w/ Fake Pedestals)
48The Great TreeBehind Pipe (Area below Fake Pedestals)
49The Great TreeInside Bush (Area after first meeting w/ Lord Crump)
50The Great TreeSpinning Panel (Area above Tree Entrance)
51The Great TreeSpinning Panel (Inside Blue Cage)
52GlitzvilleBehind Phone Booth (Blimp Area)
53GlitzvilleBehind Counter (Juice Bar)
54GlitzvilleBehind Bushes (Near Entrance to Glitz Pit)
55GlitzvilleSpinning Panel (Next to Blimp)
56GlitzvilleBeneath Rawk Hawk Panel (Requires Tube Ability)
57Glitz PitSpinning Panel (Main Lobby)
58Glitz PitSpinning Panel (Storage Room)
59Glitz PitBehind Boxes (Locked Area in Storage Room)
60Glitz PitBehind Plant (Grubba's Office)
61Glitz PitInside Drawer (Grubba's Office)
62Twilight TownBehind West House (Area w/ Pipe)
63Twilight TownInside Bush (Area w/ Pipe)
64Twilight TownBehind Tree (Area w/ Shop)
65Twilight TrailBehind Fallen Tree (Requires Tube Ability)
66Twilight TrailBehind Pipe (Area w/ Fallen Tree)
67Twilight TrailBehind Wall (Area w/ Creepy Steeple)
68Creepy SteepleBehind Ottoman (Area w/ Cookbook Chest)
69Creepy SteepleSpinning Panel (Area w/ Stairs)
70Creepy SteepleNear Right Windows (Upper ledge of area w/ Boo Box)
71Creepy SteepleSpinning Panel (Area w/ Parrot)
72Keelhaul KeySpinning Panel (Near Whacka)
73Keelhaul KeyIn Water (Area w/ Shop)
74Keelhaul KeyBehind Rock (Area w/ Shop)
75Keelhaul KeyInside Bush (Area w/ eventual Blue Pipe)
76Keelhaul KeyBehind Wood Arch (Area that requires Yoshi)
77Keelhaul KeyBehind Rock in Water (Area w/ Mustache Rocks)
78Pirate's GrottoOn Rock Island (Requires Koops)
79Pirate's GrottoSpinning Panel (Area before Storeroom)
80Pirate's GrottoInside Barrel (Storeroom)
81Pirate's GrottoSpinning Panel (Area w/ Parabuzzies)
82Excess ExpressSpinning Panel (Room 004)
83Excess ExpressInside Drawer (Room 008)
84Excess ExpressSpinning Panel (Engine Room)
85Excess ExpressReward from Chef Shmi (Returning Stolen Pot)
86Excess ExpressReward from Waitress (Returning Stolen Earrings)
87Riverside StationBehind Cylinder (Area w/ Gears)
88Poshley HeightsSpinning Panel (Between Goldbob's and Toodles' Houses)
89Poshley HeightsInside Bushes (Toodles' House)
90Poshley HeightsBehind Chair (Goldbob's House)
91Poshley HeightsBehind Hedges (Near Penguin's House)
92Fahr OutpostSpinning Panel (Near Pipe)
93Fahr OutpostBehind Bush (Area after Pipe)
94Fahr OutpostBehind Wall (Area w/ Brick Walls)
95Fahr OutpostBehind Wall (Area w/ Cannon)
96Fahr OutpostBehind Boxes (Area w/ Gen. White's House)
97Fahr OutpostSpinning Panel (Area w/ Cannon Statue)
98MoonBehind Rock (Area w/ Pipe)
99X-Naut FortressInside Air Vent (Sublevel 2)
100X-Naut FortressUsing Crane (Requires Gear)